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Tour Taiwan

?? October =>?? October 2025

From Saturday ?? October to Saturday ?? October 2025 visit Taiwan Island to see the air force at work of the ROCAF.
Saturday ?? October we will return home with arrival on Sunday ?? October.

The intention is that we spot at a base for 2 days and will probably be able to see most aircraft types of this air force at work in this way.
Chances are that we will arrive at the hotel late at night and or that we have to get up earlier in the morning to get the most out of this trip, please take this into account.
The distances and driving times to be covered are purely informative and may deviate due to unforeseen circumstances.

Below you will find the predetermined schedule & additional information about this tour.
The departure times and place of departure from Brussels Zaventem are informative and may differ from your personal choice.
All times stated are local.

The photos are only informative and illustrative and therefore do not give 100% certainty that these devices will actually be seen !!!

* The proposed schedule below is a basic proposal.
Contact us for more information and options!

Preliminary planning

We currently assume that an air show will take place over the weekend.
When we have more information, it will be mentioned on this page along with the rest of the “final” schedule.


Meeting planned at Zaventem airport * with possibly the rest of the participants.
When everyone is present, we check in together and then leave for Taipei with a stopover in ?????.


After arriving in Taipei, we pick up the luggage and the rental car and take a look at the Songshan spotters platform to see if there are military aircraft to photograph. Then we drive to Wuqi Park to photograph some relics and then we drive on to our hotel.

Week 1

Monday => Spotting Hualien AFB

Tuesday => Spotting Taitung AFB

Wednesday => Spotting Pingtung North / South & Gangshan AFB

Thursday => Spotting Tainan AFB

Friday => Spotting Gueiren (army)

Saturday => Air show / museum?

Sunday => Air show / museum?

Week 2

Monday => Chiayi AFB

Tuesday => Taichung AFB

Wednesday => Sinshe (army)

Thursday => Hsinchu AFB

Friday => Longtan (army)


Departure towards Zaventem * .


Stopover in ????? * .
Departure to and arrival Zaventem * .

* Depending on the chosen package, options, departure airport and based on 2p room (twin)

Create your own trip

Global Aviation Travels @ offers you the opportunity to compose your own trip (more or less), because:

  • you may not have sufficient financial resources
  • you have a shortage of vacation days
  • there may be aspects you have already seen in a particular week
  • ……

But you can also decide with us which airline you want to fly with, in which class you want to fly, etc.
Plenty of possibilities and reasons to use this option.

Send an email to and let us know your wishes.
We will then draw up a personal travel schedule for you which can be adjusted at any time until the airline ticket is booked.

Or you can already specify your preference in the form below.

Registration without obligation

Are you already looking forward to this trip with anticipation?
Would you like to experience this event up close?

Fill in your details without any obligation and we will be the first to inform you when there is more news about this wonderful trip.

Thanks in advance and see you soon !!!

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