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Spotting United Kingdom

August 3, 2022

RAF Lakenheath

We also spent day 3 at RAF Lakenheath, as there were strong rumors that the 12 F-22 Raptors that had landed at the base the week before were going to leave.
But it was just rumors, but that wasn’t going to last long ;).



91-0302/LN, 91-0306/LN, 91-0307/LN, 91-0308/LN, 91-0314/LN, 91-0320/LN, 91-0321/LN, 91-0326/LN, 91-0327/LN, 91-0604/LN, 90-0605/LN
97-0219/LN, 97-0221/LN
00-3003/LN, 00-3004/LN
01-2001/LN, 01-2003/LN, 01-2004/LN

F-3519-5474/LN, 19-5476/LN, 19-5484/LN, 19-5495/LN
20-5570/LN, 20-5571/LN, 20-5572/LN, 20-5573/LN
Dirk van N.
Dirk van N.
Spotting UK 2022
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Just had a fantastic experience with Global Aviation Travels.
In pleasant group and professionally guided military go spotting in the UK.
Highly recommended to everyone and I will definitely be joining you on your next trip!!!

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