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Frisian Flag @ Leeuwarden Air Base

28 & 29 March 2022

Leeuwarden Air Base

After 2 long years it was finally time again that we could go abroad again to go spotting without any restrictions.
The 2 previous editions for Frisian Flag were also postponed due to COVID-19.
But this year the international exercise was endangered because of the war in Ukraine, but luckily for the spotters everything went ahead.
The English and German Eurofighters operated directly from their homebase.

Frisian Flag is an international exercise that runs this year from March 28 to April 8.
During this period, the available participants will fly twice a day to practice cooperation between the various air forces for possible threats within and outside Europe.

For Frisian Flag, exercise areas above the North Sea and the Netherlands are used, including the Vliehors Range, but the also De Kooy Maritime Air Base and the Marnewaard training area were open for this exercise.

Besides the aircraft at Leeuwarden, the Dutch C-130 Hercules, AH-64 Apaches and the AS532 Cougars also participate in this exercise as they have to transport any casualties and/or troops after the fighters have “cleared” the enemy area.

Participants: (Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 March)

NetherlandsF-16AMJ-014, J-055, J-144, J-509
F-35AF-019, F-020, F-023, F-024
C-130Unknown, departed from Eindhoven
AH-64Unknown, departed from Gilze-Rijen
AS532Unknown, departed from Gilze-Rijen
FranceMirage 2000D629/3-XO, 630/3-XD, 636/3-JV, 677/3-JT, 685/3-XZ
Rafale M06, 32, 35
USAF-16CM88-0413/AV, 88-0443/AV, 88-0444/AV, 88-0521/AV, 89-2018/AV, 89-2026/AV, 89-2030/AV, 89-2046/ AV, 89-2047/AV, 89-2102/AV
CanadaCF-188188739, 188742, 188756, 188769
EnglandFalcon 20G-FRAW
ItalyEurofighterMM7320/51-02, MM7356/51-06
Tornado IDSMM7039/6-33, MM7040/6-21
GermanyEurofighterUnknown, departed from Laage/Neuburg/Nörvenich/Wittmund
NATOAWACSUnknown, departed from Geilenkirchen
Visitors: (Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 March)
The NetherlandsF-16BMJ-368
F-35A19-5475/LN, 19-5486/LN
Joeri De D. (Frisian Flag 2022)
Joeri De D. (Frisian Flag 2022)
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Was a very cool experience, everything down to the last detail.
Also got a lot of photography tips and learned about what I got to see.
Was a truly top-notch experience that is worth repeating.


You have the best view of the runway when you stand on the famous “spotters hump”.
From this elevation you can take beautiful pictures just above the barrier of the taxiing and/or taking off/landing aircraft.
Some mm’s are required.


The arrivals can also be photographed perfectly from the spotters bump, but beautiful pictures can also be taken along the access road.


All published photos are copyright protected and may not be used without the permission of the owner mentioned on the photos.
All data mentioned on this page regarding the spotter locations are purely informative and are always accessible at your own risk.
The photographer and/or Global Aviation Travels cannot be held responsible for any accidents and/or any problems with the local authorities.

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