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Exercise Cobra Warrior

September 9, 2019

RAF Waddington

Exercise Cobra Warrior 2019 took place from 1 to 20 September at the RAF base at Waddington.
It is the first time that the Israeli Air Force has participated in an exercise in the United Kingdom.

Seven F-15C & D “Baz” Eagles from 106 Squadron at Tel Nof are at RAF Waddington for exercise and were joined by a number of German Typhoons from JG73 from Laage and four Italian Typhoons from different units: 4 Stormo from Grosseto, 36 Stormo from Gioia del Colle and 37 Stormo from Trapani.
Typhoons from RAF Coningsby and F-35s from RAF Marham, as well as some stationed aircraft from RAF Waddington also took part.

The USAF was also present with F-15 Eagles from 48th Fighter Wing RAF Lakenheath, B-52s from 307th Bomber Wing Barksdale AFB and B-2s from 509th Bomber Wing Whiteman AFB. These last two units were deployed temporarily from RAF Fairford.

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