RAF Lakenheath Part III

RAF Lakenheath Part III Aug. 4, 2022


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USA F-15E 91-0309/LN, 91-0314/LN
01-2002/LN, 01-2004/LN
F-35A 19-5486/LN
20-5570/LN, 20-5571/LN, 20-5572/LN, 20-5573/LN, 20-5574/LN
F-22A 04-4074/AK
05-4090/AK, 05-4103/AK
06-4110/AK, 06-4112/AK
07-4136/AK, 07-4139/AK, 07-4144/AK, 07-4149/AK, 07-4151/AK


USA C-130H 91-1652

My first experience of traveling with spotters I had never met before did not disappoint, quite the contrary.
I had a great time while spotting in the UK, all thanks to Global Aviation Travels.
Highly recommended and definitely worth repeating.

Dirk S., Spotten VK 2022


USA MC-130J 09-5713
CV-22B 11-0060

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