RAF Coningsby

RAF Coningsby Aug. 1, 2022


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Spotterslog NAF El Centro

XX202 Red Arrows
ZJ913 913 29 sq
ZJ914 29 sq
ZJ946 946 12 (B) sq
ZK300 300 29 sq
ZK318 318 29 sq
ZK366 366 12 (B) sq
ZK372 372 12 (B) sq
ZK377 377 12 (B) sq
ZK380 380 29 sq
ZK428 428 29 sq
Serial Code Unit
ZZ417 Shadow R1+


United Kingdom Hawk T1A XX202
USA F-15E 91-0314/LN

Just had a fantastic experience with Global Aviation Travels.
Going military spotting in the UK in pleasant group and professionally guided.
Highly recommended to all and I will definitely join you on another trip!!!

Dirk van N., Spotten VK 2022

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