NATO Tigermeet 2020

As in previous years, a Tigermeet will also be organized in 2020
This event will go on in Portugal at the military airport of Beja (BA11) and is hosted by 301 Squadron.

This exercise starts on Sunday 10 May and ends on Friday 22 May 2020.

Two spotting days are planned, namely on Thursday 14 and Thursday 21 March and will be accessible to 1500 participants per day.
We participate in the spottersday on May 14.


Wednesday 13 May: Departure to Lisbon
Thursday 14 May: Spottersday
Friday 15 May: Spotting outside the airfield
Saturday 16 May: Back Home*

* We are currently looking at the possibility of returning home Friday evening instead of Saturday morning.
This will probably not apply to everyone, so ask us about the conditions.


The prices below are based on current ticket prices (15 February 2020) and may be adjusted by 2 March.

  1. Departing from Amsterdam: ± €545
  2. Departing from Brussels: ± €450
  3. Departing from Paris: ± €500
  4. Departing from London: ± €525

Included in the prices below:

  • Airplane ticket
  • 3 Hotel nights based on a 2p room and breakfast if desired.
  • All transport on site

Not included in the prices below:

  • Surcharge 1p Room: + €100
  • Access Spottersday
  • Personal expenses

Are you (already) interested in this trip and or want to be kept informed of updates?
Please complete the form below and without any obligation, and we can notify you when there’s some news about this event.

See you soon!!!


Personal Information
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Make sure that the name exactly matches the identity card or passport to be shown during check-in.

Flight Data
Indicate whether you are traveling to Lisbon on your own (other dates / flights) and or whether if you are going to book your own ticket (even if you travel with us)

Room choice
You will be assigned a roommate at a double room if you do not specify one yourself.

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