Exercise Iniochos ?? March =>?? March 2023

Preliminary planning

In 2022, 2 spotter days were planned, one on Mondays and one on Thursdays.

As it currently looks, we will only try to participate in Monday’s spotter’s day.

Date is currently unknown (we are aiming for March 27), hopefully more info in December 2022.

Arrival is scheduled for Saturday, so that on Sunday the Hellenic Air Force Museum near Athens can be visited.
On Tuesday, we then return home.

Preliminary cost

Since only in December the dates will be announced for the exercise and possible spotter days, it is currently difficult to give a final price for this trip.

For the time being we come to an amount between ± €600 and €700 per person, depending on where they are leaving and which flight they choose. (inquire about options)

Included in this price

  • Flight from ????? to Athens and back
  • 3 Hotel nights including breakfast based on a 1p room
  • All transportation on site

Not included in this price

  • Possible cost spotter day
  • Own expenses
  • Dinner
  • Travel Insurance

Create your own trip

Global Aviation Travels @ offers you the opportunity to compose your own trip (more or less) by yourself, because:

  • you may not have sufficient financial resources
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  • ……

But with us, you can also decide which airline you want to fly with, what class you want to fly in, etc.
Plenty of opportunities and reasons to take advantage of this option.

Please send a completely non-binding email to and let us know your requirements.
We will then create a personalized itinerary for you which can be modified at any time until the plane ticket is booked.

Or you can already indicate your preference in the form below.

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