Anatolian Eagle 2020

The first Anatolian Eagle exercise was held in 2001 after the need for a training facility arose as a result of the modernization of the yacht fleet of the Turkish Air Force. After the conflicts in Bosnia and Kosovo, the Turkish Air Force has gained experience and achieved such a level of performance that they could organise their own exercises and provide training to other allied air forces.
The inspiration and basis for the Anatolian Eagle exercises is Red Flag, first attended by the Turkish Air Force in August 1997 with six F-16’s.
It is therefore no surprise that the facilities on the basis, such as the dining room and ops buildings, have the same standard as the exercises of Red Flag or Maple Flag.

Preliminary planning

Wednesday 24 June: departure to Konya*
Thursday, June 25: spotter’s day at Konya base*
Friday, June 26: spotter’s day at Konya base*
Saturday 27 June: departure home*

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