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As a group of volunteers we share our passion with other aviation enthusiasts and therefore offer trips for, but also by you as friends among yourselves. Are you a beginner, amateur or professional spotter, first trip or not, everyone is welcome to join us.

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Global Aviation Travels may not be the biggest but neither is it the least in the field of escorted spotter trips.Nor is it our ambition to become the biggest but it is big on providing the ultimate spotter experience.

Our ambition
Global Aviation Travels focuses on quality, not quantity, to offer everyone, whether seasoned spotters or beginners, the most ideal package for every excursion, large or small.


Our history

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March 2023

Exercise Iniochos

Exercise “INIOCHOS” is an annual exercise (type INVITEX => Invitation Exercise) which take place at the facilities of the AIR TACTICS CENTER at Andravida Air Base, located in the northwestern Peloponnese.

November 2023

Tour Japan

an Saturday ?? October through Saturday ?? November 2023, we visit the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan.
Saturday ?? November we then return home with arrival on Sunday ??? November.

October 2025

Tour Taiwan

From Saturday ?? October through Saturday ?? October 2025 visit Taiwan Island to see the air force at work of the ROCAF. Saturday ?? October we then return home with arrival on Sunday ??? October.

May/June 2023

Anatolian Eagle

With the modernization of infrastructure, weapons and training that began in the early 1980s, the Turkish Air Force (TAF) realized the philosophy that “no matter how modern the weapons are, men use them.”