October 14th

5th TFW (401st TFW)
12th TRS
17th TFG
26th TFG
27th TFG
General Dynamics F-16A
Serial: 6708
Copyright: Michael Stolle
General Dynamics F-16A
Serial: 6708
Copyright: Michael Stolle

In the morning we took a seat on the 1st and 2nd floor of a dilapidated building right next to the Carrefour.
There we got after a few hours of visits from the local police asking us to go to another place as we were not allowed to take pictures of the base.
Furthermore, some ordinary safety questions were asked.
Alternatively, there is the roof parking of the Carrefour, but also there these people can show up.
The downside is that you’ll stand up to the sun in the morning at this position.

Material: Canon 1Dx MkII (Full Frame) + Sigma 60-600 (Sports)
Used mm’s: 165mm (C-130) to 300mm (F-16s)

Since we were no longer allowed to stand in our previous place, we started looking for another place.
We found this not far from a small water treatment plant along a not too wide road, but where we did have the sun in the back.

Material: Canon 1Dx MkII (Full Frame) + Sigma 60-600 (Sports)
Used mm’s: 215mm (1900C) up to 300mm (F-16s)

Shortly after noon, the sun is in the axe of the runway (see it was time to find another place.
We found this one near a property where you can park your car on the wide “driveway” without any problems.

Material:Canon 1Dx MkII (Full Frame) + Sigma 60-600 (Sports)
Used mm’s: 415mm (F-16’s)


All published photographs are copyright protected and should not be used further without the permission of the owner mentioned in the photographs.
All data mentioned on this page regarding the spotters places are purely informative and can always be accessed at your own risk.
The photographer and or Global Aviation Travels can not be held responsible for accidents and or any problems with the local authorities.


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